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Selections from The Milk Market
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“I don’t know anything about arson and murder,” Peavey stuttered.


“Well if you don’t know, then you know somebody who does. Let’s see, accessory to arson and murder. That’s good enough. And don’t forget unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. Give him his rights, Bennett.”


Adam remembered the Miranda statement too well. “You have the right to remain silent, you have...”


“I didn’t do anything,” Peavey insisted.


“Then why are you running?” Adam asked.


“You guys are scaring me.”


The facade that Peavey had tried to maintain had disappeared. No longer just afraid, he was shaken. He squirmed in his seat, running his fingers through his hair.


“Have you got a brother, a little brother?” Adam wondered.




‘Have you ever heard of the Milk Market?” Wells asked.


“No, I don’t know what that is.”


“All right,” Adam was getting more impatient, “Do you have a family at all? Some little boys or girls? Do you give a shit about anyone?”


“Yes. I do.” Peavey was choking. He tried not to whimper or cry, but he was on the edge.


“Then try to imagine where you have been taking them. Do you know what is happening to these kids?” Adam whispered.

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