Selections from the Book

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The wall was even more formidable at night. It was higher and seemed to extend farther into the water. For the second time, he found a place for his shoes and wallet where they could be found again in the dark. At least swimming would be easier in the gym shorts.


With only the stars to guide him, tiny reflections dancing on the waves, he waded out. This time he kept his balance in the swells that threatened to pitch him down onto the sharp rocks. The gash in his palm of his hand stung when it touched the saltwater. When it was deep enough to swim, he gave the wall itself wide berth. He worried about sharks or some unknown danger that might be in the water. Was there something else in the sea to keep intruders away from the house?


At the outer end, his feet found a metal pipe that extended under the surface beyond the concrete. Treading water he surveyed the house. There was a wide sandy beach, then a rock wall that supported a dimly lit terrace. The house was bright and inviting. Too inviting. Too much like a trap.


There were murderers waiting for him.

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