Selections from the Book

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Everyone wanted the deputy to hear their ideas, so Heff downed his coffee in a hurry and went back on patrol.


Later he stopped Bobby Johnson in Albert’s truck. He knew the boy couldn’t get a driver’s license.




“Yes, sir.” The boy was always polite.


“Why are you driving this truck on the county road?”


“My dad lets me drive the truck,” he explained.


“But you know you are not supposed to be driving. You don’t have a license.”


“No, he says I don’t have to when I drive on the farm,” Bobby said brightly.


“You’re not on the farm are you?” Heff tried to be stern.


“No, sir.” Bobby looked down at his boots.


“You better go right home and tell Albert I told you not to drive on the county road.”


Heff wondered about Bobby. Everyone thought he was harmless, but he was big and strong. Not even Albert could know what his boy was thinking. If Robin had been kidnapped, it was as easy to suspect Bobby as Adam Bennett.

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