Selections from the Book

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They sat quietly for a while trying to understand. Troubled and confused by fatigue, they were faced with another confusing problem.


“How many children are you talking about?” Adam asked.


“I don’t know how many. It might be a few dozen, the ones I am tracking. Or it might be more. What’s the difference? It only takes one to mess up your life if it is your child. Imagine what it does to a family!”


Wells continued, “Here’s what I don’t understand! If your house catches on fire, the fire trucks come in a few minutes. But when somebody’s baby is missing? They look around the house, they call up some neighbors, take a look down at the park. Maybe five or six hours later they call the police. Maybe they wait till morning. Now if their baby has been taken away, she’s long gone. If something terrible has happened, some pervert has plenty of time to hide what he’s done.”


“Or,” he lowered his voice, “or there is plenty of time to get out of the country.”

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