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The Milk Market - A Novel by Dennis Leger

Guilty until proven innocent?

Adam Bennett is an arson investigator with a murder case. But an unexpected connection between the murder and a missing child is more than he bargained for-----he becomes the only suspect in the abduction of a young boy. 

With his family and career at risk, Adam struggles to solve the case. He makes a chilling discovery when he learns that some missing children may be victims of a toxic mix of pedophilia and criminal greed called "The Milk Market."

Adam's only hope is to team with a renegade federal agent who has his own personal agenda. 

For the thrilling conclusion, read: "The Milk Market"

Reviews of 'The Milk Market'

Maggie Jorgenson

Leger spins a good story.

It begins in a Minneapolis fire hall with a seemingly unlikely hero, a seasoned arson investigator. There's a mystery to solve and the investigator himself becomes a suspect in a local child abduction. The protagonist ends up in a Mexican child slave trader's fortress, fighting for his life.

Leger's story starts with a smolder and, in true action fiction fashion, builds fire till you can't put the book down. A whirlwind climax ties everything together for a very satisfying read. Put this one on your summer "to read" list.

Mary J. Niehaus

A real page turner! This was a great suspense-filled book.

The story begins by moving back and forth between two seemingly unrelated events (an arson investigation and a child abduction), but Leger connects the events together in a way that makes the reader say "aha!" Very well written. I had a very hard time putting book down!